Sync with QuickBooks Online – On a daily basis customers, sales invoices and customer payments are automatically sync’d with QuickBooks. Plus, you can update the CashFlowXpert sync on demand from within the app.
Analytical tools to help you make better credit decisions – Seeing each customer’s payment history, the trend in the timeliness of their payments and how long it takes them to pay will help you spot trouble signs and help you decide when to take action.
Better cash flow planning – Knowing when you can expect to receive collections will help you plan your cashflow. CashFlowXpert shows you expected collections based on due date and predicts when your customers will pay based on their payment history.
Get Paid Faster – Sending payment reminders to your customers is a proven way to get customers to pay more quickly. CashFlowXpert automates this time-consuming process. Get paid more quickly and save time with more flexible and customizable automated and on-demand reminders.

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